If you are someone who need help to release your emotion, I would like to recommend you to meet Ms. Horakova Veronika. She will be the one can assist you to find out where is the problem exist (define the root cause) and practice with you how to release and overcome from it. However, you have to spend few times together with her, then you will find out the greatest what she can assist you. Do not just hope the first meeting can solve all the problems. It takes sometimes but you will surprise yourself. You may handle things different, your expectation to others may different, your point of view of things will be different, etc.

  Veronika is an very experience Psychotherapist and she will do a lot of amazing thing to assist you, so do not hesitate if you have chance to meet her.

Good luck :-)

Annie Li

Dear Veronika:

  Our daughter started to make weekly visits to your office in order to help her coupe with her strong, negative feelings of stress and anxiety. After several months of therapy we are seeing positive results in her outlook and overall attitude. You have developed a relationship of trust with her and she is very comfortable and secure with you. She really enjoys the sessions and we appreciate your holistic approach to personal therapy. We recommend your services to others.

Executive Vice President of Sales

  Veronika’s sessions have been eye-opening for me. She possesses an unusual combination of knowledge and “sixth sense” of body and spirit – she reads you like an open book, which I find fascinating. You cannot be prepared to what she will reveal to you about yourself. Her sessions will make you question your past and you will want to break from your harmful patterns.

  I do feel grateful for the simple wisdom she introduces – that love is the only way – should it be love for yourself, love for your family, or those you blame for your misfortunes.

  She helped me look inside my own self, helped me peel off layers of ages of self-destructing habits and plainly put everything in its own place. I do have a long way to healing ahead, but I feel alive and more compassionate and kind.

  I use the strategies Veronika introduced to help me deal with everyday problems, with past grief and with difficult emotions.

  I have never done any therapy before, because I have always been a strong pragmatic woman, but at a point when I crumbled under the weight of my life – I practically crawled to her and asked for help – and I am so glad I did. Thank you.

  female, 38yo.

  I can highly recommend Veronika Horakova as a psychotherapist. She worked with me, a middle aged American women living in prague, my American husband, and my teenage daughter. We had a severe family crisis resulting from deeply internalized shame coupled with a mis-focus on modern day ambitions.

  She was so effective that I often wondered if she possessed magical powers Her impact was transformational. We now live more aware and more joyful. I am forever grateful to her.


body psychoterapie

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